"No more waiting to see your doctor!"

Sante La searches the best doctors in your location with average waiting times on a real time basis, powered by our Santenda algorithm. Now you can Search, Select and Book your appointment in an instant. Our E-Queue management system makes sure that your doctor visit is hassle free!

"No more worries on unavailability of medicine!"

Our platform links nearby pharmacies and labs with doctors. You can either collect the medicine from the pharmacy or have it delivered at your door steps.

"Access your health records anywhere!"

You can access your health records from anywhere. We guarantee high level of safety and security for your health records through our innovative use of technology


Real time consultation booking
Health record management
E-Token management
Secure health record management using block chain technology
Real time health monitoring through wearable devices
Networks doctors, pharmacies, pharmaceuticals and clinical labs
Doctor networking and referral system
Digital prescription
E-Token management


General Users

Instant Consultation Booking
Door Delivery of Medicines
Access health records anywhere
Remote health monitoring


Intelligent E-Token Management System
Efficient Patient Administration
Link with Pharmacies and Labs
Network with doctors for referrals

Pharmacy / Chemist

Efficient Inventory management
Link with Doctors
Generate more sales
Tie up with pharmaceuticals


Predictive analytics for forecasting
Market intelligence
Direct connect with doctors
Link with pharmacies and distributors

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